At the beginning of the session I felt from her a strong aura of energy that both attracted and repelled me

. To interact better with it I felt to balance it and I started to see myself with virile male figures, I saw myself sometimes as a protector, a leader, I was finally like the statue of David by Michelangelo … my body really seemed made of marble and argued shortness of breath, almost absent.
Once you understand that they have reached a certain balance I let go out of the mind and the images have become fluid like water. The marble statue which I saw was displayed in front of me and along with a female figure was transmuted into a multitude of beings from the masculine and feminine. They were mothers, fathers, children, lovers and traitors who endlessly played different roles in life in front of each other …

the two forces have become rivers writhing together as they intertwining of linked images have lost then their definite form of people …  became  a DNA chain … many atoms dancing together and then only  very very small to enter in the SOURCE.

At the time of posting I was able to see the two hemispheres inside my skull and I felt the left and right side of my body as separate, the left was more fluid and ethereal while the right rigid like the trunk of an oak tree,

So that’s  I struggled to remove the right arm (for almost the whole experience has been raised like a cast).
On the way back home, I felt my head and my body still very heavy  lying in my bed  and my right hand moved by itself independently of my will. Then I perceived very clearly  Akashas’ face and it seemed that she was still with me .After a moment I saw a white sheet with objects on top of snow-white, a cube, a sphere and a horse’s head .

In the days after my third eye was very alert and I was able to perceive a star with a tail in the night sky, waves in the environment, static electricity around my head and the materialization of tiny sparks dancing around a child and in some objects.


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