AKASHA LIGHTBODY01-Lightbody-Akasha
AKASHA LIGHTBODY  is one of the most advanced  tools  in planetary evolution which takes you into  the AWAKENING, CONSCIOUSNESS preparing its way to the so-called QUANTUM LEAP / SIZE.
The reason i work with Frequency of Light and Energy  is that after so many years of an inner, personal and spiritual evolution I really raised up my  frequencies also called vibrational field.
All the people with whom  i get  in contact can sense and feel the Energy  and Light .
In consequence also your frequency will increase and taking  you in a state of  very high well being .
A state of ecstasy and joy.
03 lightbody-akasha
After having experienced a NDE (Near Death Experience)   i daily i trip in other spaces and dimensions.
Contacts with Extra-Terrestrial , Multidimensional Beings in astral and physical way is now the order of my day .
They are working with me since a couple of years. Several times i ‘m visiting  Lightships to make extraordinary trainings and experiences.
Expressly i would like to say THANK YOU to my dearest friend Benjamin who  made me a ‘Start Up’  one week before the 21.12.2012 and loading me with new programs…by the way that time it was a very physical encounter..in my living room.
A truly amazing experience.akasha lightbody energy free flow
I am a pure CHANNEL 24 per 7 and i LIVE  for the transformation of the planet and its systems as a bridge between the dimensions.
I am giving  my HEART, BODY , MIND and SOUL for this  Transformation Process. Sometimes it is  really hard particullary  because of so many physical symtoms.
But anyway i want to share with  everybody all that  i lived and went  through , because  it is  the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT of my LIVE.
Shaping together all these experiences  i create AKASHA LIGHTBODY. From my empirical knowledge I must say that AKASHA LIGHTBODY  is the really and the only ONE tool to transform and harmonize the flow of vital energy and ascend  to higher levels of CONSCIOUSNESS/ AWARENESS. Accordingly as well as an anti -stress and a good prevention for many psycho -somatic ailments.
Also if it is well done you can enter, after the so-called awakening of the Kundalini, in touch with your higher SELF, in a dimension of awareness  and widest great inner joy.
In such a way is undertaken  a process of inner transformation, to the perception of your HIGHER SELF  as all ONE, body, mind ,heart  and soul. It also activates your  DNA and LIGHTBODY.03-Lightbody-Akasha


We are much more than our chemical container … the physical body .. Everything that exists is ENERGY and  CONSCIOUSNESS.

akasha mind uploading

Every thought, every emotion, every word, every object, every color, every sound, every smell, etc ….

The only tragedy is that the human race has not yet become aware despite signs on all levels in environmental, social, economic, personnel, etc..

Thanks the COSMIC ALIGNMENT  Energy and  Light is increasing on our Planet and it is profoundly changing our Lives.

Let us open our HEARTS and enter together into the vibrations of  the UNIVERSE and EARTH.akashalightbody






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